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Monday, January 18, 2010

The Negative &The positive

THIS GIRL..... Is like a lose cannon

She can be a BITCH; just doesnt give a fuck

She has anger issues, insecurities and hopes that one day
somoeone would love her for who she is..

But how can she expect someone to love her is she
can't love herself?

She Stresses alot, and doesn't know how to handle it

Instead she gets defensive and lashes her anger out on everybody
thats in her path

She finds making people she cares about upset interesting..

Only because she wants them to feel the same way she feels
but worse..

To her, its showing that SHE CARES

To them, they think shes crazy

But if they dont get mad or argue back
it shows her that they DONT CARE

Can't take productive critasisim cause she feels
everyone has their flaws so why change?

But thats just the NEGATIVE

Shes beautiful, intellegent and fun to be with

Her heart is not exactly cold yet, and shes very loyal

She keeps it real 24-7 even if her friends cant handle it

Shes uses the talent that god gave her very well

And she LOVES to show affection to others.

And thats the POSITIVE

THIS BOY....Is a hurting soul wanting to be loved

Hes spoiled, stubborn, & doesnt show his feelings,
or maybe he just doesnt give a fuck about ANYONES feelings

He claims he likes THIS GIRL, but doesnt show it..

Instead, he ignores her phone calls, and talks to her when
he feels like it

Maybe THIS BOY and THIS GIRL have some simalaries but
expresses them in different ways..

Maybe he does those things because he wants her to hurt like
he's hurting deep inside.. From a distance..

He wears a mask to hide his emotions

But thats just the NEGATIVE

In person this boy can be one of the sweetest, affectionate guys
you can run into

He smiles often believe it or not,even tho it doesnt show in

And he listens... The mask is off, but only whens he's comfortable

And thats the POSITIVE

THIS BRAWD... Is like a leech tryna suck up everyones happiness
cause she thinks it would make herself happy

Shes lost in her own sorrow, unhappy with herself..

She wants affection so bad, but doesn't know where 2 find it

Would do whatever to get it tho, she ignores the consequences

You ever tried looking within yourself?

She claims she wants to end her life, but hasnt done it yet..

Maybe she says that cause she wants people to care or show sympathy for her

Shes Envyous....

But thats just the NEGATIVE

Deep down THIS BRAWD has potential to be a friend

When her insecurties arent involved she can be a down ass chick..

Shes talented and very observant, not to mention shes pretty

She will give you the clothes off her back if needed

And thats the POSITIVE

THIS CRIB... Is like prison

It stinks,everyday is a NEW problem

If its not the toilet being clogged, it's the walls leaking

Theres ALWAYS something wrong...

Ha! the lights are off; guess nobody paid the bill

Hmm the fridge just broke; guess we gotta use the cooler again

Its cursed..... This God forsaken house

The only complex on the block that doesnt experience
the sunny sides of things

But thats just the NEGATIVE

She has somewhere to rest her head, something to watch tv

And somewhere to eat

Smh theres people out there that dont have none of the above

She has somewhere where she can experience Fun Family Nites,
Smoking Sessions, &Drinking games

"Is it really THAT bad?" she claims... Naaaaaa!

And thats the POSITIVE

THIS LIFE....Is like a roller coaster with broken tracks...

Just when you least expect it, you take a deep plunge into failure,
more time she doesnt even kno how to escape

Was she brought into this life to fail? Is this her purpose?

Its like it never gets better.. Is it a test?

And if it is when will she pass?

Sometimes she just wants to end it, but then what?

Whats LIFE after DEATH? Sometimes she wants to know..

But thats just the NEGATIVE
She woke up to see another day..

She has enough air in her lungs to take a pull from her spliff

She gets to see her beautiful family well and healthy

And she can even sees her self in the mirror, smiling cause
she healthy, breathing, and thinking..

Best of all she can LEARN from the mistakes she made in life

And she can correct them..

And thats the POSITIVE

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