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Monday, January 11, 2010


As I stood upon the shore of that
sun-setting eve

The Ocean called upon me saying
"Please Stay Dont leave"

His soft roaring voice washed upon
my feet

And as i gazed into his deep blue
eyes my heart then skipped a beat

The silky sand between my toes and
the white foam of his waves

Seemed to lure me into the ocean
and so i gave

I steped boldly into the ocean i
gulped over the lump in my throat

His hands went up to caress my body
until i began to float

He than engulfed me in a titanic
embrace and pulled me down with
him to the bottom of the sea

There he held on, no matter how
much i kicked, he jus wouldnt let
go of me,

I could not breathe, I could barely
move, I only felt his body in motion,

I tried to get to the top, I could not
make it, and there i duluged at the
bottom of the ocean..

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