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Monday, January 11, 2010


This emptyness that i feel inside makes me question myself why? Why can't I have a man that
loves me for who i am, I can be wifey i swear, i know i can.

But these issues one has with one self always complicates things. Didnt you say you loved me? But yet you claim we could never be?

So what if i have an attitude sometimes i dont GIVE A FUCK, don't mean to be rude but i have anger
issues with my past, i can work on it, we can make it last

Lonely nights tossing & turning my bodies yerning for your touch,

I told you i have insecurites i didnt want to rush

But No! Your sexy wa
ves and handsome face lured me in, I thought you would of took me under ya wing & fly me out this world of sin

But instead of heaven you took me to hell,in this battle of lust we both fell,

Now i missed my period for the month of Febuary, this cant be i refuse to open my eyes and see,

The thought of me carrying your seed? How do you feel about that?

God i wish i can take
everything back!But its to late now belly getting big, until you told me you dont want me to have your kid.......

Im lost now.... what to do? Who can i turn 2?

Thought you were my boo..

Can't talk to mommy cause she wants a grandchild, you want me to get an abortion?

DAM thats foul. But i want my baby cant you see that? "But i don't want it" he claims

and thats a fact.

he already had a kid but whats one more to love?

Its a gift that's been given 2 me from up above

18 years old, who wants to be with a babyfather that doesnt even want his own child?

The thoughts
& mixed emotions were running wild

THATS IT i can't do this anymore, your heart is too bitter and your ways are so sore

At the clinic now, it's soon gonna be my turn,

Mommy always said "Your better leave these niggaz alone, jus watch you'll learn"

Jacquelyn Anthony.. Ah o its my time,

Everything flashed b4 my eyes like a drop of a dime,"It will be done b4 you kno it" he says...

3 hours later the pain subsides...As i turn to look at him my heart collides

I HATE YOU so much for all the things that you put me thru

Then i wake up back to the same bullshit im use to


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