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Monday, January 11, 2010

To that special somebody

Why do i feel this way for you?
Is it your tatts, your style or maybe its ya mood

Yea you get on my nerves most of the time,
but thats fine cause i gotta make you mine

Ya poems, warm embrace...
Ya touch puts a smile on my face

But theres more to you isn't it?
My heart quivers when i see you jus a bit

They say Aquarius tend to be articulate,
When you dont get your way you catch a fit

God i wish i can taste those heart shaped lips
It tingles....

Yea u fucked her so? What does that mean i
cant have you to myself?

When you act like that toward me it's like i get
slaped in the face, it welps

It hurts so bad but feels so good
If i can take away the pain that you've endured i would

I'll treat you like a REAL woman should...

Umm yea right there daddy, you always kno my spot
The way you groap my waist is making me hot

You say your a Hippie, well make me your Hippette
Dig ya nails in my side like you use to,

GOD your making me wet..

But i live here and you live there, so that complicates things
Unfortunately that doesnt corrupt the joy that you bring

I just wish you could show that you care,
I told you i would never hurt you, i said I'd be there

But you stay with that brick wall to gaurd you
How am i suppose to cope? What you want me to do?

Theres a saying that says somethings you like are not always good for you
You mean like poison?

Well if liking you is wrong, then i dont wanna be right
People get hurt papi thats life, But that doesnt stop us
from having HOT,WEIRD sex all nite

Come i wont bite...

One day our love will be like precious roses you have nothing 2 fear
Butterfly kisses and heart filled nites PINKY SWEAR.. XOXO

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